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Food Technology Guide: the largest census of suppliers in Spain

The Food Technology Guide is the only tool in the market to locate in a single volume all the existing offer in formulation, production and packaging in food and beverages, in addition to other synergistic services...
This comprehensive directory, structured by area of activity and presented in alphabetical order, is accompanied by opinion articles assessing the situation of R&D&I in the sector by Public Administrations, sector associations and technology centres.
In a bilingual edition, the GTA, in its online and offline versions, is completely renewed every year with the aim of providing an efficient directory and the best knowledge tool for all food technology professionals.

Food Technology Guide Facts & figures:

Target: the food and beverage industry and its suppliers. It is distributed in all food and technology fairs.
Periodicity: annual and bilingual edition.

Print run: 5,000 copies



Editorial letter. The opportunity to reach a good port. GTA 2020

José Miguel Herrero Velasco, Director General of the Food Industry: "The new normality is an opportunity to promote changes that strengthen the food chain".

Teresa Riesgo, General Secretary for Innovation. Ministry of Science and Innovation: "The technological capacities of Spanish companies have made Spain one of the countries of reference".

Galo Gutiérrez-Monzonís, General Director of Industry and SMEs: "We are in an unprecedented situation, but our industry is solid and competitive to overcome it".

Marta García Pérez, Executive Director of AESAN: "The EU food safety system has been very useful in the management of the pandemic and we are proud".

Eduardo Cotillas, Director of R+D+i of FIAB and General Secretary of Food for Life-Spain: "Supporting innovation and R+D projects is the right policy to guarantee optimal responses to the crisis".

Antonio Garamendi, President of CEOE: "Digitization is necessary in all areas and a boost to R+D+i is needed to gain competitiveness".

Dr. María Dolores del Castillo, scientific researcher of CSIC, and Dr. Amaia Iriondo, postdoctoral researcher: "The food industry has to support a balanced nutrition and work in that direction"

Andrés Gavilán, President of AFCA: "Our sector is essential to provide the food industry with more useful and safer substances".

Luis López Benavides, Executive Secretary of Aefaa: "Our commitment to innovation enables us to offer the right solutions to market demands".

Denia Martinez, president of AMAF: "Consumers are betting on healthy and sustainable products and on brands that inspire them with confidence".

Carmina Castellà, director of AMEC Alimentec and AMEC Envasgraf: "The ability to adapt to change is essential to ensure the future and competitiveness".

Héctor Barbarin, CNTA's General Director: "Without innovation there is no adaptation, we need to listen to the consumer in order to anticipate their future needs".

Technical-legislative developments 2019 and progress 2020

Editorial letter. A technology in full colour. GTA 2019

José Miguel Herrero Velasco, General Director of the Food Industry. MAP. "It is necessary for companies to integrate the Sustainable Development Objectives into their strategy". GTA 2019

Paloma Sánchez Pello, Director of Competitiveness and Sustainability at FIAB: "A correct approach to the circular economy in the food and beverage industry is essential". GTA 2019

Dolores del Castillo, Scientific Researcher of the CIAL UAM-CSIC: "Bioeconomics in the food industry is the road to circularity". GTA 2019

Andrés Gavilán, President of AFCA: "The circularity strategy integrates steps to advance with a firm pulse in efficiency and profitability". GTA 2019

Luis López Benavides, Executive Secretary of AEFAA: "The concepts of circular economy are widely applied in the aroma industry". GTA 2019

Denia Martínez, president of AMAF: "The objective is to turn Spain into a resource-efficient society". GTA 2019

Carmina Castellà, director of amec alimentec and amec envasgraf Food and Packaging Technology: "Reduce, reuse, repair, recycle, in the focus for a sustainable future". GTA 2019

Inés Echeverría, CNTA's Director of R&D&I: "Sustainability is no longer just an issue related to the environment". GTA 2019

New technical and legislative developments in 2018 and 2019 of interest to the food and beverage industry

Editorial letter. The challenge of feeding a growing population. GTA 2018

MAP: "Faced with the challenge of feeding the world in the future, Spain is leading the fight against food waste". GTA 2018

Nuria María Arribas, Director of R+D+i of FIAB: "Innovation is the future ally for a sector that transforms 70% of raw materials". GTA 2018

Mar Villamiel, Scientific Researcher CSIC and Tiziana Fornari, Professor UAM. CIAL/CSIC: "The challenge of feeding a growing population in a healthy way is an important, but not insurmountable challenge". GTA2018

Andrés Gavilán, President of AFCA: "Feeding the population in a healthy way is growing in a sustainable way all over the world". GTA 2018

Denia Martinez, president of the AMAF: "Companies are devoting more and more resources to making healthy food affordable. GTA 2018

Carmina Castellà, director of Amec Tecnoalimentación and Amec Envasgraf. "Health, quality and food safety have marked the technological development". GTA 2018

Héctor Barbarin, CNTA's General Director: "Increasing vegetable proteins and reducing food waste are two essential axes". GTA 2018

José María Fernández Ginés, General Manager of Innofood R+D+I: "The strategy is to approach food from the point of view of sustainability for all purposes". GTA 2018

Technical-legislative developments 2017 and first half of 2018

Fernando J. Burgaz, Director General of the Mapama Food Industry: "The public administration is promoting the digital transformation of companies". GTA 2017

Nuria María Arribas , Director of R+D+i of the FIAB: "Industry 4.0 is revolutionizing the food and beverage sector". GTA 2017

José Miguel Herrero, General Director of the Food Industry of the MAPA. GTA 2018

Juan María Vázquez Rojas, Secretary General of Science and Innovation of the Mineco and President of the CDTI: "Industry 4.0 is an excellent opportunity to solve the challenges of the food sector". GTA 2017

Andrés Gavilán, President of AFCA: "AFCA instills in its members the R+D+i philosophy, an ally of 4.0". GTA 2017

Óscar Puig and Carmina Castellà, directors of AMEC Tecnoalimentación and AMEC Envasgraf: "The digitalization of processes will provide more efficiency and flexibility in food manufacturing". GTA 2017

Tiziana Fornari Reale, Director and Mar Villamiel Guerra, Vice-Director of CIAL-CSIC: "The era of digitalization is a challenge, which has the support of R+D+i". GTA 2017

Denia Martinez, president of AMAF: "The new technological reality must be used to update management models". GTA 2017

Inés Echevarria, Director of CNTA: "Industry 4.0 will allow us to anticipate problems". GTA 2017

José María Fernández Ginés, General Manager of Innofood: "The R&D departments are protagonists in the 4.0 era". GTA 2017

Sebastián Subirats, General Director of AINIA Technology Centre: "The 4.0 revolution forces us to accelerate innovation". GTA 2017

Iñigo Martínez de Marañón, Technological Director of Azti: "Industry 4.0: value generating gear lever". GTA 2017

Carolina Salinas, head of the Competitive and Strategic Intelligence Department of Aimplas: "Flexibility, a characteristic of companies 4.0". GTA 2017

Javier Zabaleta, Managing Director of Itene: "R&D&I in the area of intelligent systems stands out". GTA 2017

Isabel Bombal, Head of Innovation at the General Secretariat of Agriculture and Food of the Magrama: "There is a great deal of economic and political support for research and innovation in the food industry". GTA 2016

María Victoria Moreno-Arribas, Director of the CIAL-CSIC-UAM: "We must seek the transversality of innovation from one sector to another". GTA 2016

Ignacio Garamendi, Director of Business Development of the IAB of FIAB: "The placement of innovative products in international markets is a successful strategy". GTA 2016

Andrés Gavilán, President of AFCA: "A rigorous policy of R+D+i by AFCA companies has consolidated optimum economic results". GTA 2016

José Solá, President of AEFAA: "The flavour industry has been characterised by maintaining high levels of investment in R&D&I". GTA 2016

Óscar Puig and Carmina Castella, from Amec: "We work in the new VUCA environment: Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity". GTA 2016

Technology Centres: Collaborative innovation, essential for a food sector that drives the economy. GTA 2016

Fernando Burgaz, General Director of the Food Industry of Magrama: "The industry's vocation for leadership has allowed the design of the Strategic Framework for Food and Beverage". GTA 2015

María Luisa Poncela, General Secretary of Science, Technology and Innovation of Mineco: "The immediate future of R&D&I in Spain is to increase the level of business investment". GTA 2015

María Victoria Moreno-Arribas, Director of CIAL-CSIC: "It is necessary to promote and financially support R&D in food sector companies". GTA 2015

Federico Morais, founder of the Food for Life-Spain Technology Platform: "The new middle class of innovative food and beverage companies is the future of our sector". GTA 2015

Andrés Gavilán, President of AFCA: "Our success is based on a solid knowledge of the objectives, plus extensive experience in ingredients". GTA 2015

José Solá, Chairman, and Luis López Benavides, Executive Secretary of AEFAA: "The aroma industry has been characterised by maintaining high levels of investment in R&D&I". GTA 2015

Carmina Castellá and Óscar Puig, from AMEC: "The transversality of innovation between sectors is a strong point that differentiates us". GTA 2015

Technology Centres: 2015, a new era begins for R&D&I in the food sector. GTA 2015

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